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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  August 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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own. after she died during the iron man race in boulder. >> . 34 year-old official walters was here from nebraska. when she collided with a car during -rt cycling portion. >> . >> everyone out here has been working so hard. for this. to get to that finish line. but for one racer who was here today. she won't get the chance to cross it. >> . group. always cheering each other on on race day. >> . a 2 mile swim. followed by 112 mile bike ride. and first finished with a 26 mi. one of the toughest out there. people train for years to do it. >> . i always get emotional when i watch the races -fpt there's so many people. this is a bucket list item and
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finish. >> . they all come here hoping for triumph. sunday ended in tragedy. >> . michelle walters. 34 waoerld from nebraska she was about 25 miles into the course. >> . it's really sad. really sad. >> . it broke my heart. >> the road was still open to vehicles. cyclists on the shoulder. police say the driver wubt wasn't speeding or drinking. but haven't said how it happened. >> . he's finishing his 13 iron man in boulder. and his wife says the cycling portion always makes her nervous. >> . >> it's a huge problem in general. in the united states. >> . police continue to investigate. the racing community is in mourning. >> . just someone who wasn't paying attention. wasn't doing the right thing.
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that came out to do something great. >> . the race went on as skel kwruded mart breaking. >> . a stare moment for a plane full of sky divers. after an engine fire forces them to jump. this afternoon. the officials with out of the blue sky diving possibly a bird caused the engine to catch fire. and fail. the plane was about nine thousand feet below normal dive range. but all 15 pw-r were able to jump and land safely. >> . it's unfortunate. everyone is safe. we're very happy everyone is accounted for. and now we have to figure out how to maybe get the damage and get back open. >> pilot was able to land that plane on the run way. no one was hurt. >> .
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tweeting out this photograph. after they rescue a 12 year-old from helen hunt falls in southwest colorado. just before 6 p.m. and the child was air lifted. no word on the childs condition. >> . developing tonight. you may have received this amber alert earlier today. aurora police say this pregnant mother took her 4 young children and drove off. also threat -pbdz to harm herself and the children. her car was later spotted in denver. police were able to t into custody. the kids were not hurt. and now with a relative. >> . also developing. a quadruple shooting leaves two people dead and two injured. it started as a dispute and turned violent. >> . we have the story. >> . crime scene tape is still up. around the two mobile homes where the shooting took place. investigation tors also on scene. they have taken two suspects into custody.
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confrontation. >> . it's been a long night. >> . outside his brothers trailer. drinking with family and friends. last night. it was quiet until a truck pulled up to the neighboring home. >> five guys and girl got out and went to my neighbors house. heard a lot of banging and they pulled him out of the house and stard >> . they stepped in to help. his brother fired two rounds into the air. to scare the group off. >> they shot back at us. >> . a block down. this man says more shots were tired. at least one car sped from the scene. >> .
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now in custody. facing first degree murder. from the other group. brandon car also facing the same charge. neighbors say whatever happened it should have never escalated to this point. >> . everybody wants their guns but no one uses the guns responsiblely anymore. >> . two people did die in the shooting. names haven't been released. two others injured. police say not seriously. detectives say they are confident they have all suspects in custody. >> thanks. new at ten. denver police chief says the department will begin collecting racial data. about people that his officers stop. after the department spent years data collection would be too difficult and expensive to implement. >> . it's to ensure accountability. >> . the war of words between trump. and the family of a muslim american soldier. who died serving our country.
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appreciation for soldiers here in colorado. about 50 people gathered today. o honor souliers of different ethnicity or religion. he got the idea after the ongoing fight between trump and the family. >> . we're all americans. there is no color. >> . we're offended. whatever happened to american values. >>. >> many say they will continue to decorate military graves until the election is over. >> . speaking of trump. the latest polls do not appear to favor the republican presidential nominee. clinton is expanding her lead. not just nationwide. wu in several key swing states as well. >> . >> nearly 3 months have election day. clinton now leading nationally and key battleground states. >> .
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lead oaf trump. doubling her lead from a month ago. the swing state polls show clinton ahead of trump. no,some places by double digits. new hampshire and pennsylvania has clinton up by ten points. >> . >> folks are getting reintroduced to that story in a positive way. >> also dur when the parents of a muslim u.s. soldier killed in iraq spoke. their comments prompted trump to criticize the father and family. and sparked by partisan backlash. >> . his drop could be a result of his initial refusal to back top republicans up for reelection. like paul ryan. causing an interparty rift.
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>> new details to be tonight abe deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. that killed 16 people on board. including a mom and daughter who used to live in colorado springs. >> . the pilot didn't see power lines ahead of him. investigators believe the pilot was trying to descend through a break in the clouds. and erupting into it is the deadliest hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. >> . in florida. disney world is putting in a rock barrier. in place of rope fencing. along the resort hotel beaches. after a two year-old boy was snatched and killed by gators.
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manning has been a spokesman for papa johns for several years. officials were asked if manning would now hand off the role. now that he's retired. but o papa john himself said no. adding he's shot some new commercials. >> . suicide squad topped the weekend box office. >> . however. half the weekend total came in
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help on saturday.
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? ?
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the oath she took to protect and sve. >> . thank you so much for your service and sacrifice. greater love ha*t no man trooper was killed on the job last november. while she was investigating an accident. on i 25. she was hit weu by a tkrao*upbg driver she left behind an 8 month old baby i recall. >> baby girl. >> . inviting everyone to share a special message in her honor. >> the cards will go to her husband and her little girl. >> . all the roses go to her
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the driver pleaded guiltyo haoebg srar homicide. and was sentenced to 8 kwraoefrs in guilty to vehicular homicide. and was sentenced to 8 years in prison. >> . it really hit belize pretty good. straight into the coast.
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mentioned it. in the wake of earl. basically this cut across mexico. fell apart and reorganized now in the pacific. so now that it's reorganized we have to give it a different name. there it is. looks to head towards the tip of the california. and could be a category one. keep a close eye on the tropics. tkpwerpb. because it's skipped from one body of water to another. it gets a new name.
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around commerce city. a couple storms bubbled up. and fadeed away. we are seeing lighter rein showers across southern metro areas. still a steady stream of so we'll hold onto a few showers for several hours. about midnight. or after. before we watch these remaining lingering showers come to an eupbd. certainly driver down i 25. go passed center. centennial. travel passed highlands ranch. lone tree. castle pines. a few light showers there. we look down here park county. couple stronger storms. another one here to the south of colorado springs. little bit of small hail. and to the north and west. you have a few storms left over. again. the intensity kind of drops off. with the setting sun. highs today. 80s and 90s over the eastern plains. we had 70s 80s. and a hot 91 out in grand junction.
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temperatures mainly in the 70s out there. we along across the area. upper 70s. towards staple ton. 78. in the brighton area. 70 down in little 76 as you make your way off to the west side there. you can see the pocket of 70s here. out onto the eastern plains. 60s out east of denver. 60s south and cooler 50s. our future cast. couple showers still possible on the south side of town. midnight or 1 a.m. low clouds and fog early tomorrow. for your monday. breaking into plenty of sunshine. and then here they come again. scattered storms across the area. won't rule out one or two in denver. they will skip by a lot of areas.
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without the rain. that you could need out there. >> . lows tonight. 50s and 60s. a couple 40s into the mountain areas. like down towards gunnison. >> . next weekend looking dry. >> . less than 4 weeks.
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giving away this brand new 4 bedroom house. on september is. located tph-d the located tph-d aurora. also in the cherry creek school district. you could be that lucky winner. for just a hundred dollars. >> . only a limited number of tickets are available. a hundred dollars each. all you have to do is call. or go to
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>> taking a look at your health. new federal rules will impose tighter guidelines on the e cigarette business and make it harder for minors to vape. the starting tomorrow. playing the harmonica is great way to helpfacients who are dealing with who are dealing with lung disease and asthma. >> . >> today we kicked off a program called the harmonica for health. >> . we have been wanting to try some innovative approaches to help people with breathing issues.
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last july i had a pulmonary epl tkpwhreufpl. >> . i was used to to being active. this slowed me down. >> we have done music therapy before. but this is innovative. >> . never done this before. >> you don't suck. harmonica players don't suck. >> . i can't blow out like that. >> i love to give a harmonica is see what they do. >> they seemed really healthy. >> . they were tapping their feet. >> great idea for those of us with respiratory issues. >> .
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it's that easy. >> . i'm going to give it an effort. >> . even if they don't become pros. they're smiling and laughing. >> . if only it was that easy. it took me years. >> . this is your moment, this is your time.
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it was a very bad day for two car lovers. a woman was backing up her classic. 380sl. right up onto a 3 hundred thousand dollar tper rar ferrari. >> at the car show in the owner was so abg angry. he started shouting it was the dumbest thing he's ever seen. no one was hurt. >> . ouch. >> . check this out. new jersey man was so beloved he got two obituaries in the same local newspaper. one was from his wife. and the other was from his girlfriend. >> . he died last week after lung cancer. the two were right next to aoefpl each other. apparently they couldn't agree. so they each committed their own. and the family knew about all of it ahead of time. there were no surprises.
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use at least a different photograph. >> . to each his own. >> . the man was clearly loved. >> . creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure.
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>> as you can see lot to get to. no nfl exhibition tkpaeupl number one. supposed to be played tonight. let's start where else. number one story line out of broncos training camp. of course referring to life after peyton manning. and the back and forth quarter


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